Upcoming performances

The McGill Digital Orchestra will premiere two new works for digital musical instruments on Wednesday, March 5 in Pollack Hall, McGill University, Montréal. The pieces, The Long And The Short Of It by Heather Hindman, and sounds between our minds by D. Andrew Stewart, will be performed as part of the MusiMars/MusiMarch contemporary music festival.

The two pieces will be performed by the same ensemble, consisting of cellist Erika Donald, pianist Xenia Pestova, and percussionist Fernando Rocha; however the ensemble will primarily by playing new digital musical instruments developed and refined for the project.

MusiMars posterThe night before, Sean Ferguson’s Ex Asperis will also be premiered as part of the festival. Developed using resources from both the digital orchestra project and research on Compositional Applications of Auditory Scene Synthesis in Concert Spaces Via Gestural Control, the ensemble will consist of 12 players, solo cello, and live gesture-based spatialization. The cello and spatial effects will be performed by digital orchestra members Chloé Dominguez and Fernando Rocha, respectively.

Over the last three years, I have been extensively involved in both the digital orchestra and the gesture-controlled sound spatialization projects, along with my IDMIL colleagues Stephen Sinclair and Mark Marshall. Two T-Sticks – a tenor and a soprano – will be performed, along with the T-Box, FM Gloves, and David Birnbaum’s DMI the Rulers.

The McGill Reporter ran a short article about the project and upcoming performance.

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