Interactive Table

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to introduce a wide variety of people to the digital musical instruments developed in the IDMIL, including demonstrations at WIRED Magazine’s Nextfest in Los Angeles and the Innovaction Fair in Udine, Italy. While these experiences have been amazing, the demos have sometimes been frustrating since the digital instruments are generally single-user and designed for expert performers – both qualities that make them unsuitable for mass demonstration, especially if the masses include young children.

With this in mind, and with last month’s Eureka! Science Fair in Montréal’s Old Port for a deadline, Steve and I started discussing the design of a new multi-user interface – and the Interactive Table was born. For technical details, please refer to the project page I made on the IDMIL website; here I will simply leave you with a video of the prototype in action at the Eureka! Science Fair:


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