T-Stick Composition Workshops

The 2010 T-Stick Composition Workshops (2010TCW) bring together five composers (any nationality, all ages) to develop new live electroacoustic solos for the soprano t-stick digital musical instrument in collaboration with Canadian composer and digital instrumentalist, D. Andrew Stewart. Selected composers will work individually with D. A. Stewart, being introduced to the present-day modes of performance on the soprano t-stick. The workshops will focus on exploring musical and physical playing gestures and will also include the development of new playing techniques and sounds for the instrument. The outcome of the workshops will be five new solo works for the soprano t-stick. The works will be performed by D. Andrew Stewart in a series of Canadian concerts beginning in January, 2011.

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2 thoughts on “T-Stick Composition Workshops

  1. Hey there. Your 30 March posting needs ULR updating.

    The URL points to my Sympatico site, to a page that is the ‘call for composers’.

    Actually, I was thinking about adding an “Archive” page for the call for composers.

    How about making a ‘new’ blog entry about all the great work you did in initiating the site change !


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