Granul8 Synth

Screenshot of the Granul8 synthesizerParticipants: Joseph Malloch, Stephen Sinclair
Time period: 2007–2010
Link: download from

The granul8 synth was first written for the McGill Digital Orchestra project, and primarily implemented by Stephen Sinclair. Written in MaxMSP, it was one of the first synthesizers to gain compatibility with early versions of libmapper. It features eight independent grain players which are all fed into a global effects layer; each grain player affords control over window shape, playback speed, grain frequency and periodicity, grain length, offset, gain and pan.

Since 2008 granul8 has been almost entirely rewritten by Joseph Malloch, adding a graphical visualization and user interface with which users can interact by clicking and dragging grain envelopes.  The synth is compatible with libmapper though the mapper MaxMSP external, exposing 191 input signals for mapping.  In the example video below, granul8 is controlled using a joystick: