The T-Stick

Participants: Joseph Malloch, D. Andrew Stewart, Marcelo M. Wanderley
Time period: 2005–present

The T-Sticks are a family of gestural musical controllers. The first prototype (a tenor) was completed in 2006, a second (alto) T-Stick was completed in early 2007. The hardware is presently in its third revision and approximately twenty more T-Sticks have been built, including several prototypes integrating haptic feedback and additional sensing modalities.

The T-Stick grew out of a collaborative project undertaken by Joseph Malloch and composer D. Andrew Stewart, partially funded by a CIRMMT student award, and also out of collaboration with performers as part of the McGill Digital Orchestra project. The T-Stick has been performed and demonstrated many times internationally, including appearances in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, and the USA.

The T-Stick can sense where and how much of it is touched, tapping, twisting, tilting, squeezing, and shaking. The output of the sensors is sent over USB to Max/MSP software, which processes the data and maps it to sound synthesis parameters.

The T-Stick is intended to be an “expert” musical interface: engaging to new users, allowing virtuosic playing, and “worth practicing” in that practice time results in increased skill.


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Related Publications:

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Unpublished Reports:

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Partial list of Public Appearances:

Date Type Event Location
2006/04 concert seminar concert Montreal, Canada
2006/11 recital Fernando Rocha DMus lecture recital Montreal, Canada
2007/06 presentation New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference New York, USA
2007/09 demonstrations Wired Nextfest Low Angeles, USA
2008/02 demonstrations Innovaction Udine, Italy
2008/03 concert MusiMars Festival Montreal, Canada
2008/04 concert Music+Technology Incubator Montreal, Canada
2008/07 concert, workshop Sound Symposium St. John’s, Canada
2008/09 concert Le Vivier relaunch Montreal, Canada
2008/10 concerts Duo pour un violoncelle et un danseur Montreal, Canada
2009/02 competition Guthman competition Atlanta, USA
2009/07 workshop SMC Summer School, used T-Stick to control robotic Gamelan Porto, Portugal
2009/08 concert International Computer Music Conference Montreal, Canada
2009/10 workshop Society for Music Theory, workshop on listening through time Montreal, Canada
2009/12 concert live@CIRMMT Montreal, Canada
2010/04 concert ACM CHI Conference Atlanta, USA
2010/04 concert Viagem, 5 T-Sticks played by blind performers Porto, Portugal
2010/07 workshops launch of 2010 T-Stick Composition Workshops Montreal, Canada
2010/08 talk, performance Expansive Spirits, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium Toronto, Canada
2010/12 talk Electronic Music Foundation New York, USA
2011/02 concert Ghost in the Machine Conference Montreal, Canada
2011/03 concert Concerto for T-Stick and two laptop orchestras, Concordia Laptop Orchestra and Cybernetic Orchestra Montreal, Canada
2011/04 concert Open Ears Festival Kitchener, Canada
2011/05 concert Issue Project Room New York, USA
2011/05 concert New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference Oslo, Norway
2011/06 concerts Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2011/06 concert Sforzando Late Night Concert, Electroacoustic Music Studies Network New York, USA
2011/11 concert Sea of Sound Festival Edmonton, Canada
2012/03 concert Experimental Music from Brazil and Beyond Lethbridge, Canada
2012/06 concert Concierto, Andrew Stewart y Ensemble 3 Mexico
2012/09 concert Moving Sound, Electroacoustic works by D. Andrew Stewart and Rolf Boon Lethbridge, Canada
2012/11 concert 24 Frames, Improvisation with Tim Brady Lethbridge, Canada
2013/03 concert From Up There and Down, New Works Calgary Calgary, Canada
2013/05 concert New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference Daejeon, South Korea
2013/09 concert Percussive Arts Society International Convention Indianapolis, USA