libmapper (C Library)
libmapper provides a simple API for declaring your data signals on a shared network and enabling arbitrary connections to be made between them. The main focus of libmapper development is to provide tools for creating and using systems for interactive control of media synthesis.
influence (C Program)
influence provides a shared environment in which distributed agents can interact with each other using libmapper-mediated signalling. The “influence” of each agent is propagated through a virtual space using video convolution implemented in GLSL.
mapperGUI (Graphical User Interface, Max/MSP)
mapperGUI is a fully-functional graphical user interface for interacting with a network of libmapper-enabled devices. It features network discovery, hardware network interface configuration, collaborative undo/redo, filtering and search of large namespaces by path hierarchy or arbitrary string, and saving and loading mapping sets
Implicitmap (Reference Implementation, Max/MSP)
A MaxMSP/Puredata object providing structure for using implicit mapping schemes (e.g. machine learning) with libmapper. Also includes a training interface implemented in MaxMSP.
Digital Orchestra Toolbox (Max/MSP Abstractions)
The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP objects that we have found useful in creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied by a help patch to demonstrate its use.
Granul8 (Max/MSP Synthesizer)
Granul8 is an 8-voice granular synthesizer built in MaxMSP developed by Stephen Sinclair and myself for the McGill Digital Orchestra Project
Modal and Modal4 (Max/MSP Synthesizers)
Modal synthesizers built in MaxMSP for use with the T-Stick digital musical instrument. Also currently being used for the voice of the Ballagumi

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