T-Stick sighting at Create Digital Music

Patrick Richardson at Create Digital Music posted a nice overview of the recent NIME conference in New York, including a description of my paper presentation there:

Joseph Malloch’s T-stick, also called the Tiger stick because of its many bands of pressure sensors, stood out from a lot of the other hands-on devices that one plugs into their computer. This was a padded stick, with sensors for vibration, movement, even positional pressure and twisting. Its most important asset was its ability to [perform] responsive positional damping. This meant it could be played like a fret-table string and a damp-able chime, and some things in-between. As a tactile and vibrational sensor, the utter simplicity (and cost-effectiveness) of its design was quite impressive.

I feel bad linking to his video example, since it’s actually a video of me projecting my video, but I’ll post the link here until I get around to uploading the original.