SMC Summer School

SMC2009 - Sound and Music ComputingI am currently attending the Sound and Music Computing (SCM) Summer School on Interactions with Environmental Sounds, taking place at the Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal, from July 18 to 21, 2009.

The teachers this year are Marcelo Wanderley (IDMIL), Joel Chadabe (Electronic Music Foundation) and Xavier Serra (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain). Tutors include Jean-Julien Acouturier, Stephan Baumann, Eoin Brazil, Federico Fontana, Bram de Jong, Luis Gustavo Martins, Rui Penha and Stefania Serafin.

I will likely post some more on this topic over the next week, but for now here’s a taste of what’s going on.

4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces

Several IDMIL projects were presented recently at the Enactive/07 conference in Grenoble, France, including Dimple, DMI evaluation and Gesture control of sound spatialization. Two of the concerts produced at the conference used systems and software developed in the IDMIL: Arnaud Petit’s Concertino Nervoso, performed by McGill professor Fabrice Marandola; and the premiere of Sean Ferguson’s Miroirs, performed by ‘cellist and McGill Digital Orchestra member Chloé Dominguez. Miroirs featured non-conscious control of sound spatialization: inertial sensors were attached to the ‘cellist’s arms and features extracted from the sensor data were used to control spatial parameters of electronic portions of the piece.

ICMC in Copenhagen

Copenhagen city bicycleLast week I attended the International Computer Music Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite the jet-lag I managed to do a little bit of sightseeing there between attending paper presentations and concerts (including one by my friend Henrik Frisk). I also presented a paper I wrote with Steve called “From controller to sound: Tools for collaborative development of digital musical instruments” and took part in a panel on “The Need of Formats for Streaming and Storing Music-Related Movement and Gesture Data.” Quite exciting, really… the panel participants were:

  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (Oslo)
  • Benjamin Knapp [Antonio Camurri] (SARC / Genova)
  • Nicolas Castagné (Acroe, Grenoble)
  • Esteban Maestre (Pompeu Fabra)
  • Joseph Malloch (McGill)
  • Stuart Pullinger [Douglas McGilvray] (Glasgow)
  • Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM)
  • Matthew Wright (UC Berkeley / Stanford)