Video: Experimental Music from Brazil and Beyond

Video has now been posted from the concert “Experimental Music from Brazil and Beyond” at the University of Lethbridge. The concert featured two performances with T-Stick: a solo written by Patrick Hart and D. Andrew Stewart, and a trio improvisation by Fernando Rocha (percussion, including another project of mine: the Hyper-Kalimba), Elise Pittenger (cello) and D. Andrew Stewart (soprano T-Stick).

Another T-Stick video

Since some of my project documentation videos are longer than 10 minutes (the cutoff for YouTube), I created an IDMIL account on Vimeo, where the only limit is to stay under 500MB/week of uploaded material. The uploading interface is very nice, and I think the videos look way better…

Here’s a slightly old video: Brazilian percussionist Fernando Rocha playing the original T-Stick prototype during his first doctoral lecture-recital at McGill. The year is 2006‚ the composition is The One, by D. Andrew Stewart.

Unfortunately I used up most of those 500MB with this video, so I have to wait a week before adding another. We’ll also keep the YouTube account, since their community/user base is rather huge 🙂

Mapping the T-Stick

Andrew Stewart recently posted some short videos demonstrating some of the new mapping and synthesis he has been working on for the soprano T-Stick, a DMI I built for my Master’s thesis. He is currently working on a composition for two soprano T-Sticks, which he has dubbed the “sonar jo” when matched with his mapping and synthesis. A jō is a short staff used in some Japanese martial arts, but it is also my first name…