SenseStage Workshop Blog

From a project I work on:

The SenseStage Workshop Blog

The SenseStage workshop is meant to bring together people from different disciplines (dance, theatre, sound, video, light) and cooperate in a collaborative environment with interactive technologies. The workshop will take place in the Hexagram BlackBox, a special, configurable room equipped with a full set of theatre lights. Furthermore a multichannel sound setup and video equipment will be available. Last but not least, a set of sensor devices with sensors will be available for use during this workshop.

SensorWiki 2.0

A screenshot from the new version of

After quite a lot of fiddling around I finally finished porting the website from its old MediaWiki version to the new DokuWiki version. This afternoon we pulled the switch and it’s working almost perfectly (except for some new user registration issues to be worked out later). The old version was spammed daily, but it should be much more manageable now 🙂